Pokemon Go Launched for Android

There is good news for you who are looking forward to new games from Nintendo for the mobile platform, Pokemon Go. Finally, the games which was launched together with the Niantic officially rolled for Android and iOS platforms.

Download Pokemon Go for Android
Pokemon Go for Android.
Unfortunately, for now the whole area has not been able to download the games. Based on the information quoted from Ubergizmo, Thursday (07/07/2016), the new games available for the US market, Australia and New Zealand.

This is not strange considering a lot of games and applications developers who besutannya app first launches in Australia and New Selendia it. The trial is called to be the reason the two countries have, before finally sliding to the global market.

However, in the near future is expected that the games can be enjoyed by all users of Android and iOS platforms. So, for you who can not wait looking forward to have a little patience until these games slide.

For those of you who want to feel the experience of being a coach or hunt Pokemon, gaming is one answer. Gim This gives players the opportunity to hunt and pitted each Pokemon in the real world.

Niantic - who've made the concept of augmented reality games under Google - allow players to play armed with smartphones and GPS.

Pokemon CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara said his company has been working together for two years with previous Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata to develop Pokemon Go.

To support the games, Nintendo has also set up a special wearable gadget named Pokemon Plus. The device is priced at USD 400 thousand This helps players determine the Pokemon around without always looking smartphone.

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