Download Firefox Focus, Ad-Free Browser App for Android

Do not want to be tracked while browsing the internet ?. You can use Firefox-made browser that is Firefox Focus: The privacy browser. This browser is available and can be downloaded by Android smartphone users.

A number of improvements are made in the latest version of Firefox Focus The privacy browser app. In addition to being traced, Private Firefox has a feature to block ads from pages of sites visited. The Firefox Focus app interface for Android is very simple. Not many configurations found therein. This is to facilitate its use and affect its speed.
Download Ad-Free Browser App Private Firefox Focus for Android
Download Firefox Focus, Ad-Free Browser App for Android.
Some additional features of Firefox Focus for Android is the ability to disable the blocker tracker default feature. According to Mozilla, sometimes the page can not open quickly because the blocker tracker is on.

Instead, Firefox reduces a number of features, such as the lack of a tabbed window. This also makes Firefox Focus difficult to compete with other mobile browsers on the market. Firefox Focus is a browser that comes with a private mode released since last year. This browser can block pop-up ads, remove search traces, including passwords and cookies.

Excellence Firefox Focus app for Android.

  • Explore like no one is watching. The new Firefox Focus automatically blocks various online trackers, since you started using them until the last second you closed them. Easily delete your history, password and cookies. So, you will not be distracted by things like unwanted advertisements.
  • Personal explorer apps for Android are mostly not comprehensive or difficult to use. Firefox Focus is a free, always-on and on-the-go privacy explorer application, supported by Mozilla, a nonprofit organization that fights for your rights on the Internet.
  • Faster browsing is a flagship feature of the Firefox Focus app.

New feature of Firefox Focus for Android.

  • Automated Privacy.
  • Blocking a variety of Web trackers without any difficult settings.
  • Delete history when you browse and open various website pages easily. That way, no passwords, no cookies and no stored trackers.

Download Firefox Focus: The privacy of the browser through Google Play App Strore here. The apk file size is approximately 4MB.

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