How to Download and Install Amazon App for Android

You can now download Android apps and games then install it on your Android device using Amazon Appstore. Amazon Appstore is a service provider of third-party games and apps android. This Android app is quite popular in addition to the official app store that is Google App Store.

Why install Amazon Appstore ?. As the name suggests, Amazon Appstore under the auspices of Amazon. This means that applications and games here are more secure than other third party Android app service providers. You can get paid apps for free every day.

How to download and Install Amazon app for Android
Download and Install apk Amazon app for Android.

Even for paid apps, we do not hesitate to buy it because the name Amazon is already trusted and famous. Amazon Appstore provides Android apps and games including also providing downloadable music and videos from this AppStore.

However, the first requirement to be able to use the Amazon app for Android is that you must be registered and have an Amazon account there. To create an Amazon account is not difficult. You must have an active email and fill out the registration form provided on the Amazon website.

You can create a free Amazon account through your phone or computer.

How to Create an Amazon Account.

  1. Visit the Amazon website at Then click the Sign in menu in the top right. Then click "Start Here".
  2. Fill in the data such as your name, email, password and mobile number on the registration form. Then click the "Create your Amazon account" button.
  3. If registration is successful, you will be taken to amazon website and have become a member there.

How to Create an Amazon Account.
Create an Amazon Account.

Instal Amazon App Store Apk
Create your Amazon account.

Download and Install Amazon app for Android.

  1. Download Amazon Appstore through the Google Play Store app here or you can visit Amazon's official website at https: // www
  2. Amazon Appstore apk file size of approximately 5 MB and can be installed on Android 2.2 devices or newer.
  3. Once downloaded, open the apk file Amazon_Appstore-release.apk. Then install like installing other Android apps. Wait for app install process.

How to use Amazon AppStore.

  1. Once the installation is complete, run Amazon Appstore.
  2. Sign in by entering account email and password that you have created earlier.
  3. When successful, you will enter the Amazon AppStore display by displaying some games and Android apps.

With Amazon AppStore App, you can search and install games and any android apps you want. All existing Android apps there are paid and some are free, making it easier and safer for you to buy apps from the world's leading online store.

Amazon Appstore apk file
Amazon Appstore.

You can search the desired games and Android apps from the facilities provided. When you find the desired application, click on the free button or the price listed on the top right, it will automatically download and install it. After the Installation process is complete, the application can already be used.

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