How to Take Photos a Toy to Look Alive Using Android Smartphone

Not just a hobby, photographing a child's toys can actually make money. Ease of getting toys and taking photos can be combined into a hobby and a job at once. This hobby is already widespread. There's even a community on Twitter and Facebook. You can see some examples of cool, unique, and funny toy pictures.

If you are interested to pursue this exciting hobby, here are brief tips that you should know for the results of photos look more lifelike toys using Android phones.

Tips to take photos of Action Figure using Android phone.

Deciding on a concept or idea is paramount. Through the concept, you can tell something or give a message. If you can give a message from the toy, your work will be liked by people. Giving the right background or context also becomes the value of more than a photo.

Usually, action figures can be moved and form certain poses. Use this ability to make your toys look more, like being angry, confused, or happy. That way, the toy had a feeling like a human.

The angle of inclination of shooting can have an effect to give a certain impression. If taking a low angle, it will give the impression your toy looks strong and great. Meanwhile, if you take a high angle, the toy will look weak and helpless. Try several different angles to get the desired impression.

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That's a little tips on how to take photos toys to look more alive using Android phones. Good luck.

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