Is Downloading Android Apps Other Than in The Google Play Store Safe?

Often downloading game or Android apps from the store or free apk file provider website?. At a glance this way looks very practical. Users just download the apk file, then install it on Android smartphone. But some other critical users may have a question whether downloading Android app other than in the Google Play App Store is safe?.

Android app developers usually release applications in a limited number of countries first. Then they released the application globally. But some of Android smartphone users may be impatient. Finally take a shortcut to be able to use the game and Android app.
apk download Google Play App Strore
Google Play Apps Store.
The shortcut is usually by downloading apk files instead of in the official Android games and app store on the Google Play App Store. It is undeniable that many websites provide raw app files of apk-formatted Android apps. In addition to being free, they offer an easy download process.

But you need to know, by default the Android system does not allow users to install apk files. That means there is an Android effort to anticipate the things that are not desirable. Although it can be changed via Android phone permission settings.

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Any app that you want installed on Android will ask for a number of permissions. For example, social media applications request permission to access the internet; The music player application requests permission to access storage space; etc.

Permission for an app from an authorized store, which should be only four, for example, could be six or eight when the app is from an unofficial store. Of course this is not good news, is it ?.

It's just a matter of permission. Another possibility, it could have apk file is already inserted malware by certain parties who want to take advantage. Still remember the case of many apps in the Play Store infected with malware?. Logically, apps from official stores alone are potentially infected with malware, let alone applications from outside ?.

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But do not get me wrong too. Not that all apk file providers are not credible and secure, but need to be emphasized, download apps from the Play Store is the best way to minimize the potential of your Android smartphone from being infected with malware.

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