What is the function of Panic Button feature in the latest Android Nougat?

Google quietly introduces a new security feature in Android Nougat 7.1 called panic detection mode, or panic button. Not without reason this security feature is created. Lately, rumors about the number of applications on Google Play that are infected with malware and harm the Android system.

Some of these malicious attacks can be avoided by checking for application permissions, or avoiding the installation of unclear security applications. Google is also responsible for securing every Android smartphone.
How to Use Android Nougat's Panic Button
How to Use Android Nougat's Panic Button.
Then what is the function of Panic Button feature on Android Nougat ?. This feature has the utility to detect malicious applications. This feature will track how many times the user pressed the back button for a certain period of time.

When the button is pressed about 0.3 seconds or faster, this feature will disable and cancel the application's work command, and send back to the Homescreen Smartphone menu.

The giant company headquartered in Silicon Valley explains if the feature Panic Button useful to prevent malicious applications into the smartphone. Detection of the panic button attempts to make it easier for users to get out of malicious applications. When the feature is active and the user is already in Home, the user can remove the malicious application.

The presence of this feature will greatly facilitate the user, especially when a malicious application repeatedly refused to be disabled. This panic button mode detects users trying to get out of an app.

But currently the number of Android users running Android Nougat is only 0.9 percent of the total Android users around the world. Moreover, the old Android smartphones not all can update to this operating system.

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