Samsung Galaxy Note 8 immediate Release Along with The Release of The iPhone 8

Samsung is rumored to soon release their Android phone that is Galaxy Note 8 in early September 2017. It was due to sales of Samsung Galaxy S8 is not in accordance with the target.

Despite a positive response from consumers, Samsung Galaxy S8 sales reportedly slowed faster than expected in the last month. Due to sales constraints Galaxy S8, Samsung changed the launch strategy of Galaxy Note 8. The schedule was advanced in early September, when the original plan will be sold at the end of the year.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Specs Price
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date.
In addition to these factors, another reason is the latest iPhone announcement plan in September 2017, the so-called will be very different from all previous iPhone series. Samsung is expected to feel threatened by the presence of the latest iPhone, so try Galaxy Note 8 can be released more quickly.

According to some reports, global sales of iPhone 8 will start in November 2017. If this report is true, Samsung has two months earlier to surpass Apple outside the United States (US).

So far there has been no official confirmation from Samsung about the various issues Galaxy Note 8, including a matter of specification and launch date. But already many rumors about the specifications and prices of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is outstanding.

Here are the rumors that circulated about the planned appearance of the flagship manufacturer of South Korea origin:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Design.
At a glance form Galaxy Note 8 is not much different from the visual S8. But if payed longer, there is a difference of siblings that the device seems bigger. In fact Note 8 is only slightly larger than S8 +.

This means the form of Note 8 is the same as the S8, complete with display, curved bezel-less, rounded corners, and extra side buttons for Bixby, Samsung's digital assistant. And so far the 3.5 mm audio jack is maintained, unlike the competitor who took it off.

Just like the previous Note series variant, S Pen will also be raised. Note 8 is planned to have a rear fingerprint scanner.

Galaxy Note 8 Screen.
Note 8 not only has a curved look, but also unlimited screens. This means a high 18.5: 9 ratio, curved side edges, and rounded corners. Reportedly screens 6.3 inches diagonally.

Chipset, RAM and Battery.
The news circulated, the latest Qualcomm chipset Snapdragon 836 will debut on the US market version in Galaxy Note 8. The device is also equipped with 6 GB of RAM.

The biggest failure of Note 7 is due to the over capacity of the battery, then Note 8 is only powered below 3,300 mAh. For internal memory there are two variants, namely 64 GB and 128 GB. This is different from the S8, which is offered with a choice of 64 GB.

Galaxy Note 8 Camera.
Note 8's main attention is on the camera. This product became the first high-end Samsung device with dual camera module.

While the specification is a combination of two 12 MP sensor, one wide-angle lens and one other telephoto lens. Both sensors offer independent optical image stabilization with each other.

Operating System.
Samsung experience. The controversial TouchWiz -Android UX TouchWiz interface as used in Galaxy S8 will also be found in Note 8. However, Samsung will utilize the latest Android OS, the Android Nougat 7.1.1.

Price and Release Plan.
Note 8 is rumored to be launched just before the IFA 2017 exhibition on September 1st. This is a challenge considering almost simultaneously with the iPhone 8 birth plan. Related prices, estimated at around USD900. Expensive? Naturally, because Note is destined to exceed the ability of the S series.

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